Custom Peptide Synthesis

A Certificate of Analysis, HPLC, and Mass spec data accompany each custom peptide synthesis order to confirm purity and identity.  Outstanding yields for quantity and purity are achieved using the latest Fmoc-solid phase synthesis technologies, which allow for quick delivery.  Competitive Pricing!

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Cosmetic Peptides

RS Synthesis provides cosmetic peptide manufacturing for R&D, Formulation studies, Custom development, Commercialization, or any other specific requirement you have.  Over 600 KG in-stock of GHK-Cu (Copper Tripeptide-1)!

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Library Services

High throughput, fast delivery, low prices. Purified or Crude.

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Our Peptide Products & Services

  • Custom Peptide Synthesis

    We provide high quality peptides from research to production scales (mg to kg), utilizing only validated raw materials, equipment, and processes.

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  • Cosmetic Peptides

    Cosmetic peptides for R&D, Formulation studies, Commercialization, or any other specific requirement, such as DPRA skin sensitisation testing.

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  • GMP/API Peptides

    GMP peptide manufacturing and process development services, for research to commercialization scales. Ultra-consistent batch to batch.

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  • Peptide Library Services

    Overlapping, Alanine Scan, Positional Scan, Random, Scrambled, Truncation, and Di-peptide Libraries available. Ideal for the following applications.

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  • Antibody Packages

    57-day polyclonal antibody production utilizing a USDA registered & NIH assured facility. Free protein analysis / antigen design. Results guaranteed.

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About Us

RS Synthesis is a global-leading peptide synthesis company providing a full line of high-quality peptide products and services, ranging from custom peptide synthesis for R&D to cGMP peptide manufacturing.  Backed by state-of-the-art technology and carefully engineered manufacturing facilities, we successfully manufacture thousands of peptides every year for a variety of industries, while meeting the highest standards of quality, service, and expertise.

Every peptide is meticulously analyzed using powerful analytic processes/equipment to ensure the highest quality and successful customer testing results.  Our full range of peptide products and capacity are accomplished utilizing a wide range of chemistries such as solid and solid-phase peptide synthesis, small molecule/organic chemistries, and high throughput synthesis.  Additional information and tech support, such as reconstitution methods, peptide content and bacterial endotoxin can be provided.

Working with RS Synthesis assures prompt delivery, consistent results, and a guarantee on peptide quality.  If you are not completely satisfied with our peptides, let us know and we will immediately provide a replacement to your satisfaction.


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Latest News

Custom Peptide Synthesis and Its Ubiquitious Application

New! Antimicrobial Peptides.  We synthesize virtually every antimicrobial peptide (AMP), such as LL-37, for Host Defense Peptide studies. Contact us today for pricing on your specific AMP of interest.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis – Best for Successful Research

These days, natural peptides are not enough to meet the required demand of clinical, study and research needs as the demand is increasing day-by-day. At this point of time biochemical…

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Custom Peptide Synthesis and their Purification Strategies

The synthesis of peptides to meet the modern clinical and therapeutic activities has been a challenge to organic chemists for almost a century. A wide range of advancements are continuously…

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