Antibody Packages

Polyclonal Package Price – (2) NZW Rabbits – $1295

Proven peptide quality in conjunction with a USDA registered and NIH assured facility with over 40 years of antibody production experience, ensure your success with all RS Synthesis antibody prouducts. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees also inspect the animal facilities we use at least every six months. This commitment to quality assurance continues to be an industry standard and the catalyst behind our customer’s success. Standard package includes NZW rabbits, other animals available.

Free protein analysis and antigen design. Guaranteed results based on the Chou-Fasman method of secondary structure prediction.

Immunization/Bleed Schedule

Day 0
Pre-Immune Bleed
Day 1
Initial Immunization
Day 14
1st Boost
Day 21
2nd Boost
Day 28
Test Bleed (5-7ml)
Day 35
3rd Boost
Day 49
4th Boost
Day 57
Production Bleed (16ml)

ELISA and Affinity Purification available.

At the end of the 57-day schedule, you have the following options:

Option A: Accept the amount of antiserum you have received and terminate the project.

Option B: Boost the rabbit(s) once more and collect a final bleed 8 days following the boost.

Option C: Boost the rabbit(s) once per 21 days and collect a production bleed 8 days following each boost.

Initial 57-Day schedule, 1 Rabbit
Initial 57-Day schedule, 2 Rabbits
Initial 57-Day schedule, 3 Rabbits
Option A
Option B (~65ml of antiserum/rabbit)
Option C (~20ml of antiserum/rabbit/bleed)

*Peptide synthesis not included in price