Cosmetic Peptides: A Special Ingredient You Can’t Afford to Ignore

DATE: January 9, 2020

Today’s cosmetic manufacturers understand the significance of high-performance ingredients to promote anti-aging and anti-wrinkling benefits. This is why they continue to seek ingredients with the potential of adding a special or Unique Selling Point (USP) to their products. 

One of the latest ingredients to take the cosmetic world by storm is peptides. Defined as a long chain of amino acids —building blocks of protein — they are now a must-have cosmetic ingredient for skin. The reason? They are performance-specific. They can be designed to meet different skincare needs such as improving skin tone, firming skin, reducing wrinkles, hydration, and even making new fibroblasts. What’s more, they are unbelievably compatible with other high-performance anti-aging ingredients so that consumers can reap even greater benefits. 

How do consumers benefit from peptides?

Peptides occur naturally in our body when a few structural proteins such as collagen get broken down by enzymes. They interact with skin cell receptors, signaling the cells to produce more collagen. Since collagen is the main structural protein that plays a vital role in strengthening skin, improving elasticity, and hydrating skin cells, its increased production results in healthy and supple skin. However, as we turn 30, we tend to lose 1% of it each year, say experts. This is where peptides-infused cosmetics come into the picture. With every single use, cosmetic peptides interact with skin cell receptors, triggering the production of more collagen and other structural proteins necessary for healthy skin. As a result, you get healthy, firm, and remarkable skin. 

How to get peptides for cosmetic products?

Since research has shown peptides to provide anti-aging and anti-wrinkling benefits, including them in your cosmetic product is an excellent way to make it more beneficial for consumers. Today, online cosmetic peptides suppliers incorporate the latest technology to synthesize cosmetic peptides that help improve skin and hair health. You can get in touch with them to receive quality peptides to add to your cosmeceuticals. However, make sure to choose a supplier that utilizes the latest peptide synthesis techniques and equipment available.

Final note

If you want to offer remarkable skincare benefits to your consumers, consider including peptides in the list of high-performance ingredients. We can provide you with research- and cGMP-grade cosmetic peptides meeting your exact specifications. Discuss your requirements today and let us help make your product stand out from the competition.

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