Custom Peptide Synthesis and Its Ubiquitious Application

DATE: April 4, 2014

Peptides are compounds that consist of short chains of two or more amino acids. The process of peptide synthesis refers to producing organic compounds in which amino acids are linked via peptide bonds. These processes are generally carried out to generate new proteins. While Liquid-phase synthesis and solid-phase synthesis are the two general methods used in peptide formation, various new methods have been developed in this field of chemistry lately.

Introduction to custom peptide synthesis

The advancement in peptide synthesis chemistry and methods has been quite effective, which has propelled the use of this approach in major research applications. Therefore, apart from creating peptides based on predefined biological specimens, they are also used in generating unique peptides that are research-specific to get the desired result.

This custom synthesis of compounds contains special amino acids, modified side chains, and other modifications that are synthesized to create a quality as better as standard peptides. Customization options are generally available in the following areas:

  • Peptide sequence length
  • Peptide scale
  • Purity grades
  • Success rate
  • Labels and modification

The purity and accuracy of the assembly depend upon various factors, mostly including composition, length, and sequence of the amino acids.


The application of custom peptides is ubiquitous these days. They are used in throughput biological research, drug development, studying different kinds of proteins and their characteristics, etc. A multitude of studies and researches are also based on examining enzyme-substrate interactions. Their usage is also highly popular as antigens which can induce the immune response in a body and thereby act as drugs against major diseases such as cancer.

Custom synthesized peptides can be availed easily through online. There are companies have a vast research base for peptides. They have the required technology as well as professionals who are well-versed in this area of science and are consistently involved in synthesizing peptides. One can easily approach these sources for all types of synthetic peptides, they will require for their research.

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