Few Basic Facts About Custom Peptides Synthesis

DATE: March 31, 2015

Custom peptides have numerous applications in fields of research and development, formulation studies besides the commercial usages. Peptide manufacturing companies offer these products in both solution and powder forms.

Custom peptides synthesis is performed to produce research grade or bulk API ploy-peptides. These peptides are modified during synthesis for specific diagnostic and therapeutic usages. There are two types of peptide synthesis processes such as liquid and solid phase synthesis. The first one is used for very short dipeptide synthesis while the latter makes a perfect choice for large scale productions.

A user can search and find desired peptides as per its specific needs. You can order a product of any amount beginning from meager milligram to massive in tons. The peptide synthesis companies give top priority in offering quality products that are biologically very active.

The custom type peptides have some applications as described below.

  • Biological effect measurements
  • Antibody production (Polyclonal and Monoclonal)
  • Receptor characterization
  • Protease assays
  • Receptor-ligand interactions
  • Epitome mapping
  • ELISA standards
  • Protein function-structure analysis

It is important to handle and store the custom type peptides in prescribed manner for accurate results. Such peptides are generally delivered as lyophilized Trichloroacetic salts with free amino and carbon molecules. Upon receipt, the product should be stored at -20°C. The temperature makes the peptides stable for several years.

If you are ordering soliloquized peptides try to use these immediately. The products are highly unstable in nature due to their lower concentration. If needed, remaining peptides in the solution should be re-lyophilized for longer storage or later usages.

While dealing with the peptides products, use gloves to avoid contamination of enzyme, bacteria, etc. As many peptides are sensitive to light, protected these from direct light.

To find pure and quality peptide synthesis, you can consider a company supporting state-of-the-art equipments and validated processes. Also qualified manpower and raw materials ensure the highest quality peptide synthesis that helps for an efficient and productive outcome.

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