KPV Peptide (ACTH 11-13)

KPV Peptide (ACTH 11-13)


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Catalog #: RSC1203

CAS:  67727-97-3

MW:  342.43 g/mol


KPV exerts its anti-inflammatory function inside cells, where it inactivates inflammatory pathways (Xiao B, 2017).

KPV enters the cell and interacts directly with inflammatory signalling molecules inside the cell (Land, 2012).

It enters the nucleus of the cell and, once there, can inhibit the interaction of inflammatory substances and molecules (Land, 2012).



In addition to its anti‐inflammatory effect, KPV also has antimicrobial effects against pathogens (Luger TA, 2007).

Its antimicrobial effects were demonstrated on two major pathogens called S. aureus and C. albicans (Böhm M, 2019).

In one study, KPV significantly inhibited S. aureus from forming colonies (Böhm M, 2019).


Wound Healing

Research in wound healing shows KPV can speed wound healing, reduce infection, fight inflammation, and lead to better cosmetic results (Böhm M, 2019).

Often with wounds, various microbes enter the wound. KPV, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties,

can be very helpful for combatting these microbes and healing wounds (Böhm M, 2019).