Terms and Conditions

Terms:   Partial Shipments:  In rare situations, the first synthesis and purification of a peptide may not yield the full quantity or desired purity.  To help minimize research delays, we will utilize partial shipments, with the remaining balance to follow as soon as possible. (Only one shipping charge will apply per peptide, regardless of the amount of partial shipments.)  Please notify us if you prefer all peptides to be delivered at the same time.

Held Shipments:  Please be advised that customers requesting multiple peptides held for a complete order shipment will be invoiced for each peptide as it is completed.  Normal 30 day payment terms will apply.

Peptide Content:  Peptides are shipped according to gross weight, unless requested otherwise by the client. Gross weight is the actual weight of lyophilized product.  This product may include residual water and/or salts from the counter-ions accumulated during the production process.  If net peptide (actual peptide content) is desired, please specify when requesting a quotation.

Peptide Purity:  Please note that we are unable to guarantee peptide purity for non-HPLC peptides.  The purity of these peptides is sequence dependent and varies from sequence to sequence. 

Shipment Conditions:  Unless requested otherwise by the client, most lyophilized compounds will ship at room temperature.  Liquid conjugations or those products that should be maintained at 4º Celsius, will typically ship on ice-packs.  Material that must remain frozen during shipment (i.e. antibody serum, etc.) will ship on dry-ice.  If special shipping instructions are required for a particular order, please advise RS Synthesis in advance as to the specific shipping instructions.  Storage information is available upon the client’s request.

Cancellation policy:  In general, peptide synthesis is initiated the same day the order is placed with RS Synthesis.  A cancellation fee will apply to all peptides cancelled after synthesis has been initiated.  This fee will depend upon the particular sequence and portion of the project completed prior to cancellation.  The minimum cancellation fee for a peptide in production will be $100.

Multiple Peptide Orders:  For multiple peptide orders, peptides are shipped as they become complete, to avoid any delays to the researcher.  RS Synthesis must be notified prior to shipping if the peptides under a multiple peptide order are to be held and all shipped at the same time.

Payment Terms (Domestic and Current International Customers):  Net 30 Days; F.O.B.  Louisville, KY.   Please reference this quotation when placing an order.  All orders must be accompanied by a purchase order (or credit card number) and approval of the quotation.  2% Discount for payment within net 10 days.   Late payment fees – 10% for payments net 45 – 60 days, 15% for payments 61 days or longer.

Payment Terms (New International Customers):  RS Synthesis must receive payment in full prior to shipping any products to first time international clients.  Payment terms for subsequent orders can be negotiated with management, but usually standard net 10-30 day terms are acceptable.  All orders must be accompanied by a purchase order (or credit card number) and approval of the quotation.

KY Sales Tax: All orders shipped within the state of KY will be charged sales tax unless customer provides RS Synthesis a certificate of exemption.