Three Types Of Skin Repairing Peptides

DATE: July 27, 2020

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are linked by amide bonds. They are skin-care actives that treat acne, reduce wrinkles, lighten the skin, and improve elasticity and skin tone. It’s not a new fact that most skin-care companies use the most popular actives to formulate their products. These peptides are easy to formulate, potent, and extremely cost-effective. There are three types of peptides that are commonly used as skin-care actives, that we have mentioned below:

Signaling peptides

Signaling peptides are messengers that signal the skin to break down damaged tissue into different fragments to promote faster healing. The application of peptides tricks the skin into thinking that it needs additional proteins to heal the injury. Typically, these peptides contain a sequence of active amino acid that inhibits the formation of protein of a specific type. Signaling peptides are helpful in stimulating elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, laminin, elafin, and fibronectin.

Carrier peptides

Carrier peptides are facilitators that transport essential trace elements, including copper and manganese, to promote wound healing as well as enzymatic processes. These skin-repairing peptides have a significant effect on collagen production as compared to retinoic acid and vitamin C. Most copper-peptide creams increase collagen production to much as 70%. For this reason, personal-care products nowadays contain copper-peptide to promote skin-repair and wound-healing.

Enzyme-inhibitor peptides

Enzyme-inhibitor peptides directly as well as indirectly inhibit an enzyme, including tyrosine kinase. These stimulate matrix metalloproteases that degrade skin tissue and skin darkening. Bioactive peptides, which typically contain two to ten amino acids only, are important in the skin-care industry. That’s because their cost dramatically increases as the number of amino acids increases.

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