What You Need To Know About Active Ingredient In Cosmetics

DATE: August 4, 2020

Cosmetic Active Ingredients are biologically formulated active substances that cause a physiological effect on the skin. These ingredients are found in several cosmetic products and are sometimes referred to as advanced benefit ingredients, as they are extremely beneficial to the skin. 

Active ingredients improve pigmentation, diminish the appearance of early signs of aging, and help reverse the aging process. The list of ingredients include antioxidants such as Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, retinol, tretinoins, peptides, and other biologically active substance. These either work alone or together to treat different skin conditions and restores the healthy-looking skin. 

Cosmetics that include active ingredients suggest introducing these ingredients slowly because they sometimes result in transient side effects, including redness, tingling, and sensitivity. Although the effects are temporary and curable, the correct way is to let the skin adapt and tolerate the changes caused by these highly effective ingredients. 

How to Introduce Active Ingredients in your Routine?

During the first week, use active ingredients only twice, maintaining a gap of a few days in between. To minimize the side effect, use a neutral cream with no active ingredients. The best practice is to use an active ingredient product and neutral cream on alternate days, once your skin adapts to changes. 

How to Store Products with Active Ingredients?

Active ingredient products should be stored away from possible heat sources, including direct sunlight. Retinols give the best results when used at night. Before applying any products, make sure the skin is freshly cleansed for better penetration of the ingredients. Always apply a sunscreen with SPF to prevent skin irritation. Any tingling sensation indicates the active ingredients are working. 

Active ingredients target a specific concern by actively impacting the structure of the skin. If you are wondering where you can buy high-value Cosmetic active ingredients, like cosmetic peptide, get in touch with RS Synthesis.

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